Embodied, expressed, and visible success!
On YOUR terms

Ready to live life fully as YOU?

Let's face it. You were raised in a world that conditioned you to be, act, and do in certain ways in order to be acceptable, successful, and even loved. This conditioning included appearing agreeable, being likable, fitting in, and not “ruffling feathers.” Telling you your intuition is wrong, your thoughts aren't valid until a man steals them, and perfection is the path.


These are the conditions you've internalized that keep you from the true potential of your leadership.


Your boldest expression and greatest potential are intricately tied. They both are waiting for you to let go of your resistance. Liberate your leadership to create the impact and lifestyle you truly desire.

Are you ready to become the leader you're here to be?

hey there! I'm Lisa.

I create spaces for women leaders like you to step into their uniquely BOLD, badass, and embodied self-expression in order to create the impact, success, and fulfillment their heart has always quietly wanted.

Journeying from docile and obedient girl, to shutdown explorer without a voice, to fully expressed leader has taught me the key ingredients to stepping into your unique leadership with integrity.


I want to share them all with you.

What's here for you?

Likely if you landed yourself on this page, there's something here for you. But let’s get clear:


  • Do you identify as a woman leader? 

  • Do you struggle with your boundaries (i.e. allowing others to take up too much of your time; overstaying your welcome with others; having trouble saying no; having trouble saying yes?)

  • Do you already show up as a leader and fear what the next level looks like for you?

  • Do you know there is a bigger calling for you, but it feels almost unbearably scary?

  • Is the idea of greater visibility daunting, but you know it is your path?

If any of these ring true for you, see how you can liberate your bona fide expressive leadership together.

BREAK THE SPELL! Community coaching program

EARLY BIRD Registration open now!!

Step into your e.p.i.c. expression to shine in visibility and create the biz, love, and lifestyle you want with ease, pleasure, and the support of community! 12 weeks. begin the week of April 6.


Join the online community of supportive and dedicated amazing womxn like you embracing their bold, badass E.P.I.C. expression! Womxn are showing UP for themselves and each other inside this fun & fiesta!

private retreats & Coaching

Just-for-you support to uplevel your e.p.i.c. expression, embrace & embody your voice, and  heal old patterns so that you create the biz, love, empowerment, and lifestyle you want to experience. This is a high-touch experience with a LOT of private access, intuitive healing, practical strategic guidance and more.

Words of others...



I brag that since working with Lisa Dennen-Young I have experienced huge shifts of energy around business and money. Opportunities are flowing with momentum and ease unlike what I’ve experienced before. I have several influencers and a huge e-commerce company reaching out asking me to help them with their email copy, and new clients wanting to hire me to help them with lead generation. In another business I run, cash flow and business have dramatically improved since our session. I’m so grateful to her and her work. She is truly gifted. Thank you Lisa!!! Love you!


—  Jennifer B. Gardner, Gardner & Associates


about Lisa

For almost a decade, Lisa Dennen-Young, MA represented fortune 500 clients across industries at their highest profile events. Having lived in six countries on four continents, she's trained global audiences from entrepreneurs, educators and changemakers to C-level executives and students about cross-cultural communication and expression across professional, social and intimate relationships.


Lisa creates spaces for and mentors women to embrace authentic expression (she calls it "bona fide expression") as their true leadership. She also energizes audiences as an event personality and performer. Her unique blend of fun and light-hearted depth includes dance, vocals, songwriting, spoken word, sound healing, rhythmic play, poetry, love coaching, and multilingual presenting. She recently emceed a 14,000+ attendee music festival in both English and Spanish. 


Lisa was the first woman of color (WOC) to graduate as a forensic linguist in the United States, training with the FBI linguist who broke the Unabomber case of the 1990s. She speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese, with working knowledge of French, Turkish and Italian. She and her husband live in Oakland, California and perform as the musical duo Loveangelists.