This is for you if you feel like you're still hiding [A Channeled Poem]

You know what what’s scary? Fear is scary.

I can’t feel merry

When it all feels scary.

Who and how do I trust?

At least myself, I know I must.

But that becomes hard to see

With these daunting things in front of me

My mind knows one truth

And my heart another

Often they don’t collide...

When mind wins, then I hide.

I want to step up and step out

Share and showcase what I’m all about.

Fear creeps in and wields its mighty sword

Then I retreat back to the drawing board.

This cycle is endless and I wish for it to stop...

With all the things I’m holding back one day I will pop!

What will it take to show myself?

What will it take to come out of this closet?

I felt the rush of excitement but then I pause it.

Sometimes anxiety wins and pain sings

Sometimes I can’t feel the flap of my own wings

I want to rise; I fear the fall

Could it ever be easier to do it all?

There is courage somewhere deep down

I wonder how long it'll stick around.

If I practice it, can it grow?

If I trust it, will it show?

The light inside has been covered so long it appears dim...

Truth is, all I need to do is go out on a limb

Express what’s inside me…out there.

Express my passions, why I truly care.

My desires can be met when I move toward them

It’s safe to be bright like a shiny gem.

I declare it today and I know it’s true:

Whatever the challenge, with support I’ll make it through.

#poem #channeled #fear #courage