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Become the visible leader with the biz, love, & impact you desire ... with ease 🎉

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You know what’s dope, fab, fantastic and all the things?


And folks need to know about you. Period.


These times are calling you into your greatest leadership. RIGHT NOW, while the world is in pause, is the perfect time.


Gather resources, get supported, and join in community to emerge as the leader you wish to see in the world.


- You get to create the love, the business/work, the lifestyle meant for you, and let the process be filled with ease

- You get to be resourced, energized, and embody the queen you are

- You get to step into your greatest leadership as YOU, not someone's template.  

- You get to better support your loved ones, clients, & community because YOU ARE SUPPORTED by this community of like-minded womxn with you doing exactly the same.

You get to release the blocks too:

- The fear of failure AND success, fear of not getting yourself or your clients results …fear of commitment 

Fear of rejection, disapproval, burdening others or leaving them behind (because you know what it’s like to be other-ed). 

- Overwhelmed with chaos of the world now.

Being stuck in your head with perfectionism.

Endlessly comparing & competing (especially online!) out of scarcity

Struggling to support those who need what you offer.


If you relate, you’re in great company — the successful and most fulfilled leaders also experienced these challenges. 


Now you can move through those fears and allow yourself to speak up, stand out, and serve in the ways you’ve been matter what uncertainty you are facing.

It’s your turn to receive the support to uplevel your leadership and take you there.


The BREAK THE SPELL Community Coaching party! 🥳

A 12 week group coaching program to go from ehhh visible? to BOLD LEADER with your desired lifestyle and community impact. We start the week of April 12.


This is for you if 

  1. You are a conscious woman/womxn who understands that results come from being willing to show up consistently. You expect to do the work to become more expressed, embodied and visible and experience the results you want to have... (and it's all good, you'll get to have it feel easy!)

  2. You feel the undeniable tug of Corona calling you into something greater...know it’s time to get more visible, use your voice and/or expression, and share what you really need to say. 

  3. You’re tired of feeling like you’re always the one giving, doing the most, and ready for a change

  4. You want to take a real AF look at everything that’s held you back, kept you stuck, quiet and in hiding.

  5. You want to experience more ease & fun in your relationships and business/work

  6. You want to deepen connection to yourself & your intuitive capacities.

  7. You want the support and accountability of community

  8. You want to get visible, grow your audience, create connection with others online or onstage, and receive more money, love, ease, and pleasure in life

  9. You feel called to lead others in community, and/or make an impact in the lives of others around you

Who is the queen behind this creation?

I’m Lisa Dennen-Young (she/her). I serve as an intuitive sound healer and lifestyle coach. I was the 1st WOC (woman of color) to graduate as a forensic linguist in the United States. I've earned former Fortune 500 clients millions within minutes. I’ve traveled the world training groups on cross-cultural communication and intimate connection across professional, romantic, and interpersonal relationships. I’ve performed in front of 14,000+ in multiple languages.

I want these kinds of results for you too.


I named all those fears above so easily because I’ve LIVED them. #normalizethejourney

-- I had always been a little scaredy cat…scared to be loved, scared to make money, scared to marry, scared to fail, scared to thrive, scared to disappoint, scared to be vulnerable, scared to be seen…as me.


I’ve spent the last 6 years making fear so sexy that the scary thing becomes better than your status quo.


In this program I'll show you how.



The 🔥🔥🔥 results my clients experience:


  • Attracted a 6-figure client she actually felt aligned with!

  • Set boundaries with her boss then received the highest raise *in her entire company* during the next pay period

  • Began giving herself more love & respect in her relationship and receiving more love from her partner

  • Decided that she would no longer allow her skin color and body be a liability that keeps her invisible, and that she could instead use her voice and embrace her body

  • Awakened intuition & inner wisdom + healer capacities

  • Realized that what she thought was her greatest weakness was actually a strength that would support her in both confidence + higher audience engagement


Get into this program and soon enough you’ll be owning all of you unapologetically and creating the lifestyle + impact you desire too.

I've gotten to where I am now — sharing myself vulnerably knowing it is the REAL strength, claiming and living my desires, setting boss boundaries, co-creating an incredibly liberating marriage perfectly designed for us, and building a biz expressing my WHOLE myself -- because of support. Mentors pointing out blindspots, being surrounded in supportive community, and accountability to keep me on track, with others also on the path to celebrate with!


So check it— 

This program is 12 weeks of FIYA 🔥🔥🔥 designed to hold a tight container for you to expand.
We start the week of April 12 and meet live on Zoom weekly Wednesdays at 12pm PDT for 90min.
Weekly break down:

Week 1: Strategy

::Leave templates behind::

Craft a strategy that works for YOU! Based on your own guidance, who you are and what and will get you results w/ease.

Week 2: Mindset

 Take inventory on + uncover subconscious beliefs and set repatterning in place for the mind.

Week 3:  alignment 

Align mind/body/spirit with both the strategy and mindset of the visible leader you are becoming.

Week 4: Expansion

Always know your best next step that’s right for YOU to uplevel your leadership. embody and apply it with ease.

Week 5: Pleasure

Cultivate routine rituals to ease you as you unleveling your visibility + understand the importance of this for sustainable leadership.

Week 6: Integrated Identity

Render competition obsolete as you magnetize the people and win/win relationships to match your desired leadership and impact.

Week 7: Congruence

 Learn where people unconsciously misstep in their path to more visible leadership and patch up any holes within your next-level leadership plan.

Week 8: Boundaries

Set & honor the boundaries for the systems, relationships, and community you cultivate as a leader.

Week 9:

Be the bridge

Lay the foundation of trust & influence, and loyalty with your audiences, personal, romantic & professional

Week 10: Seductive leadership

Clearly & confidently call in your community with your expression, “marketing,” and your being

Week 11: Wind down the wound

You receiving is a healing gift. Manage this and other wounding patterns that come up, for you & for them as you level up.

Week 12: magnetic momentum

Tap into your unique ease & flow to continue to grow and expand into even more of your leadership + meet your community where they are


Come to this place where ALL of you is welcome: your marginalized identities, your psychic, your woo, your raunchy, your stiffness, slutty, sexy, “taboo,” your shy introvert & ostentatious extrovert, your rage, your pain, your joy, fear, sorrow … ALL of it is the honor of being HUMAN. And we celebrate it all.


This program isn’t a one-size fits all with templates. What worked for the last guy isn’t necessarily what works for you. 👋 Buh-bye old bro marketing tactics. Learn what’s best for you and OWN it. Let things be different. No extra crap. Simple structure with flexibility & freedom to create your desired lifestyle & impact. That's it.


Jennifer Gardner, Lawyer

I brag that since working with Lisa Dennen-Young I have experienced huge shifts of energy around business and money. Opportunities are flowing with momentum and ease unlike what I’ve experienced before. I have several influencers and a huge e-commerce company reaching out asking me to help them with their email copy, and new clients wanting to hire me to help them with lead generation. In another business I run, cash flow and business have dramatically improved since our session. I’m so grateful to her and her work. She is truly gifted. Thank you Lisa!!! Love you!


Meriem Bekka, Senior Program Manager

I loved the embodiment exercises - esp how much more I could learn about others from movement and eye contact vs just words...I also loved the core thesis of letting your own light shine to allow others to do the same... it gave me new perspective to deepen that practice.

AND you’re an absolute light that’s full of love and magic and it’s absolutely palpable in everything you do and touch.


Sasanna Yee, Yoga teacher

What amazing work you do! …I feel more peace and clarity ... You are a gifted intuit and clairvoyant with a big heart as well! ... I can’t wait to experience my life with all this new awareness. Thank you so much!


Save money because of who you know!


Is this refundable?

No. Make a choice to show up and you will experience the shifts. These training modules will be available to you indefinitely. Get what you need when you need it, and trust the rest will come.

Are there payment plans available?
Yes. Accessibility is important value of mine. You’ll find a lot of financial flexibility in the options below. 


When does the program start and how do I get on the live community calls? Week of April 12. Live calls happen Wednesdays at 12pm PDT.Calls will happen over Zoom video conference (easy to install on any device if you don’t already have it) and will be recorded should you need to miss a call.

What is the time commitment?

Live weekly calls are 90min, weekly videos + integration exercises may take anywhere from 30min - 1 hour, based on how much time you decide to spend with them. This is designed to be super flexible so you can get exactly what you need when you need it.


What if I cannot join live? All good.

We have recordings of every call, + you can go into the FB group to ask your questions and get them answered at anytime.

It’s hard for me to speak up in groups. How will my voice be heard?
Being in groups, even small ones can feel overwhelming.
As a former equity, diversity & inclusion practitioner it is my duty & honor to maintain a sense of equity in voice and expression during the live calls. It is of the utmost importance to me to personally ensure that all voices are heard, perspectives considered, and experienced valued. I am a fierce protector and will fight for your sense of safety will in any space I create. There are many ways that I work to ensure this and bring all voices, and if you want you speak your voice into the group, it is also your responsibility to receive the invitation to do it.

Terms & Conditions: read here

Paid in Full


Savings by Association: $111

Payment Plan: 

3 months

$399 x 3 months

Savings by Association: $102

Extended Payment Plan: 6 months

$211 x 6 months

Savings by Association: $132

Extended Payment Plan: 12 months

$111 x 12 months

Savings by Association: $132

Questions? Let us know!

Thank for asking - you'll receive a response as soon as poss ☺️