Consciousness Clearing & Holiday Healing

Consciousness Clearing & Holiday Healing

The sweet gifts of this intuitive email session + BONUS personalized meditation:

1. I’ll identify your biggest emotional block RIGHT NOW to you receiving more of the love, support, and abundance you desire

2. Where that’s showing up subconsciously and/or metaphysically in your body 

3. The root cause of this block (i.e. early life experience, ancestral, etc)

4. Remote energetic clearing PLUS healing to integrate your new level of receiving capacity 

5. BONUS: you get a PERSONALIZED channeled sound healing meditation (complete with singing bowl & all), based on what you need, that you can listen to anytime! 🥰


How it works:

1. I send you a date for when the email session will take place (You don't have to do anything for it, just know when to expect your gifts & bonus). 

2. On the day of or sooner, you'll receive a summary of #1-4 in a clean jpeg attachment PLUS any additional notes that came up during the clearing, and the link to your bonus personalized sound healing meditation.


In case you're unfamiliar: each of these things alone can each cost in the hundreds for one-one-one work.

Sorry you just missed the gift!

Thank you to the overwhleming number of people who purchased theirs!

Excited to support you all.

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