Great to be with you!

Break The Spell (Behind the Scenes) Intuitive Healing Session:

How it works:
-[before the call, I create an intentional sacred space with purification in order for the clearest information to come through.]
-We get on the call.
-You share a specific intention or question you want to focus on (also fine if you don’t have something specific, your guides will share what you need).
-We ground with the breath and a strike of a sound bowl from my collection (I’m also a sound healer) that was divinely selected for you
-Then we “tap in.” This means I scan your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies for any blocks around your intention (or what your guides show should you have no specific intention). We’ll uncover what emotions they are, where they live, and they often come with the backstory of how they got there (is it intergenerational? A specific experience from this life? A past life, etc)
-I share what your guides have to say about the particular topic + anything they need you to know. If you have reactions to what comes up, I share the perspective & wisdom they offer you.
-We clear the emotional and energetic blockages uncovered and send remote energetic healing to those parts & places.
-You receive some guided clarity on the next steps related to the particular topic, and sometimes the guides will even provide somatic (Embodied) practices to help integrate the clearing & healing we’ve done on the call.
-Because these are big energetic upgrades, I also share from your guides (and in general) post-call self care so that your system doesn’t burn out from the processing that takes place over the following days.

🎉Reading, Clearing, Healing, Strategy🎉
You leave the call w/ clarity and next actionable steps + simple self care practices or easy grounded integration of the healing.

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